Eric Durak - The GLP-1 Playbook
Future of FitnessJune 14, 202446:2163.64 MB

Eric Durak - The GLP-1 Playbook

In this episode, host Eric Malzone welcomes Eric Durak, one of the nation's leading clinical Exercise Physiologists and Health Educators, to discuss the complex world of GLP-1 weight loss medications. Durak, with over 30 years of experience in medical fitness and research, discusses the clinical and practical aspects of these medications. He provides insights into the mechanisms through which they aid weight loss, their potential side effects, and the critical role of exercise and proper hydration. Durak also emphasizes the importance of developing comprehensive fitness programs tailored to individuals using GLP-1 medications. He further discusses the significance of community relationships, legal considerations, and the necessity for ongoing trainer education to safely and effectively integrate these medications into the fitness industry. Episode Highlights:
  • The GLP-1 Opportunity in Health and Fitness
  • Legal and Safety Considerations
  • Understanding GLP-1 Medications
  • Impact on Exercise and Body Composition
  • Industry Reactions and Preparations
  • Developing Effective Programs
  • Historical Context and Modern Applications
  • Practical Steps for Health Clubs
  • The Role of Technology in Fitness Training
  • Marketing Strategies for Weight Loss Programs
  • The Impact of Cancer Exercise Programs
  • The Future of Health Clubs
  • Long-Term Effects of Weight Loss Drugs
  • Nutritional and Supplementation Insights