Cody Mooney - Pliability & The Mindful Movement Market
Future of FitnessJune 19, 202447:5765.85 MB

Cody Mooney - Pliability & The Mindful Movement Market

In this episode, Eric sits down with Cody Mooney and discusses his journey in the world of CrossFit, his role as the Director of Performance at Pliability, and the evolution of mobility training. From his early days in sports to competing in the CrossFit Games, Cody shares insights on the importance of functional fitness and mobility. He highlights how technology and education are becoming crucial in promoting human movement health. Cody also covers the business growth of Pliability, their focus on hyper-personalization, and their expansion into new markets like golf and running. 


Episode Highlights:


  • Discovering CrossFit and Coaching
  • Competing in CrossFit Games
  • Joining Romwad and Pliability
  • The Importance of Mobility
  • Expanding Pliability's Reach
  • Consumer Experience with Pliability
  • Challenges in Adopting Mobility Routines
  • Trendy Therapies vs. Mobility
  • Educating on Natural Recovery
  • CrossFit Culture and Time Challenges
  • Market Opportunities and Expansion
  • Golf and Running Markets
  • Partnerships and Data Insights
  • Commercial and Community Outreach
  • Challenges and Future Goals