Ryan Duey - Plunge & Scaling Cold Immersion Therapy
Future of FitnessApril 25, 202445:4162.72 MB

Ryan Duey - Plunge & Scaling Cold Immersion Therapy

In this engaging conversation, Ryan Duey, co-founder and CEO of Plunge, discusses the growth and evolution of his business in the wellness industry, focusing on cold plunges and saunas. Duey reflects on the increasing consumer interest in wellness, evident through growing trends and the adoption of cold and hot therapies. Plunge's vision revolves around making wellness accessible through innovative products, such as their Evolve series, offering varying price points to meet consumer needs. Duey emphasizes the importance of consumer feedback, development of the Plunge app for enhanced user experience. Additionally, he highlights the shift in market demand from high to more accessible price points and introduces new products aimed at democratizing cold plunging.