Paul Bowman - Wexer & Macro Trends in Content Consumption
Future of FitnessJune 09, 202447:1364.84 MB

Paul Bowman - Wexer & Macro Trends in Content Consumption

In this episode, host Eric Malzone interviews Paul Bowman, the CEO of Wexer, about his journey from professional volleyball player to leading a digital fitness platform. Paul shares insights about the evolution and current state of Wexer, the importance of group exercise, and the shift towards creating personalized digital fitness experiences. They discuss trends in content consumption, the impact of AI on fitness, and the role of media in modern fitness organizations. Paul emphasizes the need for the fitness industry to embrace digital solutions to better serve members around the clock. Episode Highlights:
  • Paul Bowman's Background and Journey
  • The Evolution of Wexer
  • Wexer's Current Offerings and Ecosystem
  • Trends in Digital Fitness and Content Consumption
  • The Hybrid Fitness Model and Its Impact
  • Successful Digital Fitness Strategies
  • Demographic Trends in Fitness Content
  • The Rise of YouTube and Fitness Influencers
  • The Role of AI in Content Creation
  • Exploring AR, VR, and MR in Fitness
  • The Wexner Podcast: Origins and Impact
  • Entrepreneurial Journeys and Insights
  • Challenges and Future of Digital Fitness