Mike Goscinski - The Future of the Health & Fitness Association
Future of FitnessApril 20, 202449:0567.4 MB

Mike Goscinski - The Future of the Health & Fitness Association

In this episode, Eric Malzone and Mike Goscinski dive into the Health and Fitness Association's advocacy work and the key issues facing the fitness industry. Goscinski, VP of Government Affairs, stresses the critical role of advocacy in shaping industry policies and discusses initiatives like the FIT Act to integrate physical activity into healthcare. He highlights bipartisan support for such measures and underscores the industry's influence in driving advocacy efforts. The conversation also touches on the association's recent rebranding, membership benefits, and the importance of preventive health measures in addressing national health concerns. Goscinski encourages industry members to get involved in advocacy and shares avenues for engagement via the association's website and social media platforms, aiming to bolster the industry's voice in policy discussions.