Jason McCarthy - GoRuck & The Critical Role of "Social Fitness"
Future of FitnessJune 04, 202451:0870.21 MB

Jason McCarthy - GoRuck & The Critical Role of "Social Fitness"

In this episode, Eric sits down with Jason McCarthy, founder of GoRuck, to discuss the evolution of the brand and its impact on the fitness community. Jason shares his origin story, from serving in the Army Special Forces and learning the way of the ruck, to creating a go bag for his wife while she was in the CIA and eventually founding GoRuck. He touches on the brand’s philosophy of applying Special Forces mindset to the broader community and emphasizes the importance of physical fitness and social connections in building a healthy society. The conversation also explores GoRuck’s various business segments, including gear, events, footwear, and apparel, and highlights the company’s recent collaboration with CrossFit Episode Highlights:
  • Jason McCarthy's Military Background
  • The Birth of GORUCK
  • The GORUCK Challenge
  • Special Forces Mindset
  • Community and Team Building
  • Expanding GORUCK's Mission
  • The Business of GORUCK
  • The GORUCK Selection Event
  • The Mental Attitude for Success
  • The Importance of Community in Fitness
  • Personal Journey and Camaraderie
  • Building Real-World Connections
  • The Concept of Social Fitness
  • Partnership with CrossFit
  • Challenges and Mission of GORUCK